Adding mods 'currency' and 'smartshop'

mods Jul 11, 2020

Added some mods to the server.  Hopefully they do not cause issues.


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Money_Info.txt · master · Vanessa Dannenberg / currency

They have no recipe.

In general, one Mg equals one US dollar, as of Sept. 2018.

A good starting amount is about 250 Mg on a server

You currently get a basic income of 10 Minegeld per day, so long as you dig at
least one node in that day and have an empty inventory slot for the money to
go in.

Lump Conversion suggestions:

Coal Lump          1 Mg
Iron Lump          4 Mg
Copper Lump        4 Mg
Gold Lump          5 Mg
Mese Crystal      40 Mg
Diamond           50 Mg

Ingot Conversion

Steel Ingot        5 Mg
Copper Ingot       5 Mg
Gold Ingot         6 Mg

Block Conversion

Coal Block         9 Mg
Steel Block       45 Mg
Copper Block      45 Mg
Gold Block        54 Mg
Mese Block       360 Mg
Diamond Block    450 Mg
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